Earlwood Hotel Operations
Five Foot One Design

Nestled in the heart of Earlwood, a suburb with a rich tapestry of history dating back to 1827, the Earlwood Hotel stands as a testament to the community's evolving landscape. This iconic establishment, located on the bustling Homer Street, has been a cornerstone of the Earlwood community for decades, witnessing the suburb's transformation from a timber-felling camp to a vibrant, multicultural hub.

Trescon undertook the ambitious project of a 5 million dollar refurbishment of the Earlwood Hotel. Our objective was to modernize and expand the hotel while preserving its historical essence and ensuring minimal disruption to its operations. The project spanned a challenging yet rewarding 10 months, during which our team demonstrated exceptional agility and expertise.

The first phase involved constructing a state-of-the-art gaming area, designed to offer a contemporary entertainment experience while aligning with the hotel's classic charm. Following the gaming section, we focused on revamping the dining spaces. The rear bistro and courtyard were transformed into inviting areas for guests to enjoy meals and social gatherings, blending modern amenities with a warm, welcoming ambience. The exterior of the Earlwood Hotel received a complete facelift, enhancing its street appeal and paying homage to the suburb's rich heritage. The new facade reflects a blend of contemporary design and traditional elements, making the hotel a standout landmark in Earlwood.

A significant achievement of this project was maintaining the hotel's operations throughout the renovation. Our team's strategic planning and efficient execution ensured that the Earlwood Hotel continued to serve its patrons without interruption, a testament to our commitment to client satisfaction and operational excellence and showcases Trescon's ability to navigate complex renovations in live environments. The revitalised Earlwood Hotel now stands as a beacon of modernity and tradition, offering enhanced facilities while retaining its historical significance in the Earlwood community.

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