With the recent sale of this amazing property we are revisiting this project to take another look at what made it such an iconic home.

Wunulla Road, located in Point Piper and overlooking Sydney Harbour, pays tribute to its Spanish-style heritage. Richards Stanisich aimed to preserve the home's original character and integrate contemporary design to ensure longevity. The house features arced openings and a muted color palette to enhance natural light and provide a calm atmosphere. By utilizing a deliberately muted palette, the home becomes a vessel for the coming chapters and a calm, soothing retreat. The design is respectful of both the past and present, emerging as a warm and recessive haven that endures while retaining its significance. Through inspiration from the surrounding landscape, Richards Stanisich ensures that the home remains a calming conduit that blends seamlessly into its environment. An integration with the surrounding landscape emphasizes and creates a welcoming buffer between built and natural elements.

Wunulla Road emerges as a warm and timeless retreat that connects the past and present with respect.

The home's design is a combination of Australian methods with a European classical approach, integrating principles and techniques that will stand the test of time. The residence exudes a sense of generosity, expressing place and an era of large and open living. The design builds upon the existing character of the home, while also incorporating contemporary living to drive planning and connections throughout.

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