Trescon, in partnership with Willow Frank, is spearheading the Mariposa Flats project, a strategic endeavor aimed at revitalizing the historic Art Deco landmarks on Campbell Parade. Originally erected between 1934 and 1938, these 12-unit, three-story buildings are undergoing a transformative restoration and modernization process, under the architectural expertise of Luigi Rosselli Architects.

Our recent completion of the preliminary internal demolition marks a significant milestone, as we transition into the structural demolition phase. This careful, phased approach ensures the preservation of the buildings' historical integrity while accommodating modern enhancements.

Luigi Rosselli Architects, renowned for their respect for heritage and innovative design, are guiding this project with a focus on retaining the Art Deco essence of Mariposa Flats. Their design philosophy is instrumental in blending the historical charm with contemporary functionality, a testament to our commitment to excellence in craftsmanship and heritage conservation.

This initiative not only highlights Trescon's capabilities in handling complex heritage projects but also underscores our dedication to maintaining architectural legacies. The Mariposa Flats project is a prime example of our expertise in integrating the past with the present, ensuring these architectural gems remain a vibrant part of Campbell Parade's landscape for years to come.