Trescon are happy to announce the successful completion of the Earlwood Hotel project, a significant $5 million undertaking completed within an impressive 10-month period. This project stands as a testament to Trescon's expertise in managing complex construction challenges in live environments.

Faced with an ever-changing scope of works and unforeseen latent conditions, our team demonstrated exceptional agility and adaptability. The project involved the construction of a new gaming section, a complete overhaul of the rear bistro and courtyard dining areas, and a full facelift of the hotel's facade. Remarkably, all these extensive renovations were carried out while keeping the hotel trading and operational, ensuring no disruption to the business.

The Earlwood Hotel now boasts state-of-the-art facilities and an enhanced aesthetic appeal, thanks to the dedicated efforts of the Trescon team. This project not only reinforces our commitment to delivering high-quality outcomes but also highlights our ability to navigate and excel in dynamic and live construction environments.