We are thrilled to announce our participation in the recent groundbreaking event for the Redan Lane development, an ambitious project led by the esteemed developer Tim Foote and Prosker. This event marked a significant milestone in the project's journey and underscored the power of collaboration in achieving remarkable early success.

Tim graciously conveyed his heartfelt gratitude for the collaborative environment that has been cultivated throughout the development process. He emphasized how this teamwork has been a key factor in the project's early achievements and expressed optimism for the continued success that lies ahead.

The groundbreaking event was a testament to the strong partnerships driving the project forward. Key partners SDAH and Studio Johnston were present, alongside Trescon’s own directors, Nick Rodopoulos and Michael Kounellis, and our dedicated project team. Their collective efforts have been instrumental in reaching this pivotal stage.

Additionally, we are proud to highlight the record-breaking sale of the Redan penthouse, which achieved an astounding $19.5 million. This milestone not only reflects the exceptional quality and desirability of the Redan Lane development but also sets a new benchmark in the luxury real estate market.

As we continue to contribute to the Redan Lane development, Trescon remains dedicated to these valuable partnerships and the delivery of exceptional results.